Post Modern Primitive Suspension

Multi Cultural Hook Hangin Riggas!!

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More Stills from our Suspension/ Freakshow .. Photos by Oyster Zepplin



Skewers in me face n ting … needles in me arms n ting ..

Mayhem is all we bring .. from the Blood to the hook to the rig and ting .. ;)

Post Modern Sleeze (Kay) is an amazing performer and person. If anyone ever has the chance, especially if you live in Dublin, GO SEE HER PERFORM!

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This Makes me smile =)

In 2011 ,We lost alot of wonderful people,

Janet Doyle, Lady you were an inspiration to everyone, a revolutionary leader, you are missed, Im sorry we didnt get more time to spend together <3 xx

Ken Aultice, You have no IDEA how much you are missed and how every time I look at Patric, I see you calling someone a mutherfucker or telling me to shape my game up .. I love you with every fibre of my being <3

We also lost two brothers , Arwen (Spliff) and Peter Tobacco .. I miss and love you both every minute there is to breathe and will make it my mission in 2012 to do everything to the full, nothin half assed , we have a muthaship guys, DHS … PMP …. WASTELAND … SMS … You name it, were taking over !!<3 =)


Happy New Years Everyone, Ill wont get to say it later because I have no internet right now .. and lets face it .. ill be hammered! =)

Heres to a MUCH better 2012 … if the mayans dont kill us ….

Love u Guys xxxx